Tangled’s Tangled Values

It’s rather strange that I’m still thinking about Tangled long after its theatrical and home media release. I was wondering if it is idolatry for me to think about it for so long.

On the other hand, I find lots of disturbing aspects – difficult to put in everyday language – to the movie. I wonder what is responsible for my addiction despite the ‘rational person’ in me…

Just hope everything will be over.

Disturbing stuff:

1. Rapunzel went out with a stranger at 17, 18 years old, and rebelled against her caretaker. Does this tell kids that when you’re 18, you get to do anything you want?

Meet Rapunzel: Curious, creative, and brave enough to join forces with a wanted thief as a means to finally leave her tower.

Brave? Huh! It’s rashness with the Disneyesque glam. Also, if she wanted cover when the bushes start beating about, she could hide behind a rock or tree, not embrace Flynn from behind his back. What kind of message will this send to kids? Intimacy with strangers? Huh?

In fact, the first emotion I felt after watching the film for the first time is… guess what.

REBELLION. Even though my parents are really my biological parents.

2. Shorty says ‘a tall drink of water’. Suggestive.

3. (Spoiler warning) Flynn’s real name, Eugene, shares the same root as the word ‘eugenics’ which is soooooo Nazi. And did you know that his features were really ‘selected’ by the artists at WDAS? See this:

4. Rapunzel (as well as Mother Gothel – you better watch out, 2 times) is seen flashing the devil’s horn sign about 5 times in the film, some during ‘When Will My Life Begin’ (with her puzzles, the chess, the ballet) and once just before ‘I See The Light’ when she places a flower on the water.

By the way, since the company is relaunching ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and I wanted to know what the candlestick, the clock, and all the other servants looked like when they were human, I checked out the ending to the ‘tale as old as time’ (but to say ‘true as it can be’?? But it’s no truth!! Because it was a fairytale, pure fiction).

GUESS WHAT?? The ‘clock’ servant actually flashed the sign 3 times when arguing with the ‘candlestick’.

Now you know who this company works for… Satan cannot produce anything new. All he can offer is counterfeits or clever distortions of Jehovah’s gifts.

5. Mother Gothel calls herself the ‘bad guy’ twice when apparently she’s a woman, not a guy. Is this to promote androgyny and reinforce redefined sexual perceptions, like the feminist agenda of ‘five genders’?

By the way, schools and the media have often declared parents the ‘bad guys.’Reinforcement #2.

… to be continued

I really worry about those children exposed to such mass brainwashing. If their parents won’t wake up, the kids must!

5 responses to “Tangled’s Tangled Values

  1. You are thinking way to into this movie! Seriously? She’s 18!!!! So if she decides to go out and see some flashing lights in the sky what does the matter!!! The movie isn’t promoting her going out to drink and doing bad things. It’s a freaking kids movie , kids arnt going to think much of it when they see it to them it’s just a kid movie. Thank god your not my mom… Your the kind of mom that makes kids wants to rebel. Geez woman get a life!

  2. Oh and also when your kid is 18 it’s going to rebel and do whatever they want anyways cause they are 18! And “bad guy” is just an expression it would have sounded stupid if she would have said “now I’m the bad woman” that sounds dumb. And rapunzel didn’t know he was a “thief”….

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  4. Tania, what a sorry state you are in! Do read my post “Hi, Zabrinah.”.

    From Chapter 3, “Brave New Schools”:

    Most students seem ready to take those risks–they no longer have the strong convictions needed to hold them back. The result is family and social disintegration. Jeanne Georges’ report on Outcome-Based Education, gives this tragic glimpse of contemporary reality:

    “Kids are being told there is no meaning to life. There is no right; no wrong. They are to make their own decisions based on feelings and whims, and–if the parent interferes or restrains the child or attempts to discipline the child–children are to turn the parent in to the state for mental or psychological abuse.

    “Parents find it much more difficult to discipline and teach their children. After all, why should the child obey the parent and spell words correctly when the teacher gives them high marks for “creative” and/or inventive spelling? Why obey when the parent can be thrown in jail for disciplining his own child?

    “They teach there is no right way to spell a word; no right to way to pronounce it; no meaning in it; no absolutes. Life becomes meaningless….

    “This process is being implemented for the disorganization of mind and behavior — or mental breakdown. What follows this despair is a total desolation with nothing left but mysticism. Those raised on mysticism and superstition are easy to lead–easy to program–easy to enslave.[23]

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