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Just in time for ‘Brave’!!!!!!!!!

“If you had the chance to change your fate…would you?” Especially your schooling!

Forget what your teachers tell you, kids. Be ‘Brave’ and read this:

Brave New Schools shows how the goals of education have been turned upside-down. Socialization–learning global beliefs and values and politically correct behavior–have replaced academics as the main outcome of education. You may hear nice-sounding promises, but factual learning and individual thinking are out, feelings and group thinking are in. If this international system is put in place by AD 2001 as planned, all children will be monitored through a national computerized data transmission system designed to build a permanent, personal file on every child. No one will be safe from the watchful eyes of those who control the new “school-to-work” system-not children taught at home or in private schools, not their parents, not anyone. So be informed. Learn what you can do to preserve our families and equip our children to stand firm in God’s truth — ready to count the nearness of God more precious than the approval of man.


  • uses schools to transform our culture
  • molds children’s minds for a global workforce
  • trades academics for socialization
  • bases learning on feelings, not facts
  • immerses students in global spirituality
  • builds permanent electronic file on each child
  • includes private and home-schools
  • yields parental rights to community “partners”
  • establishes the new global paradigm

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